Learn in Public

June 21, 2019

Yesterday, @swyx made a talk in React Knowledgeable about Learning in Public, (you can watch the talk here).

One thing that amazed me was that he keeps a daily note of his learning everyday.

It strucked me because, everyday I am kind of learning something new, but, after a while, I can't remember what it is. Not sure is it because of age catching up, or just, there's too many things happen going on in the Developer world and too little memory space left for it.

Often times, when we are digging through some difficult concepts / code / etc, it took a days / weeks to sink in the concept we are looking at, and by the time we realised, tiny details that paved us to the conclustion we had were kind of forgotten. And sometimes in the future, when we encounter the same problem again, it all seems like a total stranger.

@swyx made a good point, he said, "Note things down for the future you", and it makes a lot of sense! A lot of times when I felt dejavu when I am solving the same problem again and again, digging through the problem again, and it's a time waster!

So, I decided to start my notes.

It's gonna be notes for the future me.

To future me, you are going to appreciate what I am about to start here.