Building my Gatsby Site

  • write an article for what i've customised for my gatsby site
    • content in my head at the moment
      • dark mode
      • plugin-emoji
      • reorg on the article types
      • plugin-caption (wip)
      • rss feed

[Added 14 Sept 2019]

  • parameters that's available from pageQuery, comes from context when createPage({}). eg:
// gatsby-node.js
    context: {
        slug: '123',
        foo: 'bar',

// template/blog-post.js
export const pageQuery = graphql`
  query BlogPostBySlug($slug: String!, $foo: String!) {
  • if you are creating slug from page url, and it contains <space> characters, you might need to do slug.replace(/\s+/g, '-') as browser will encodeUriComponent of your path, and the slug may not match.

  • graphql aliases

    • allows you to rename the result field