Building my Svelte static site

Svelte static site

Svelte Plugin with emitCss

  • will emit another asset, with the same name as the .svelte file, except with .css extension.

  • which means if you have a physical .css file with the same name will be overwritten.

  • TODO? writing a emit css file loader plugin

Preloading Google Fonts

rollup plugin replace

  • hostname
  • emit css

Broken styles

  • Noticed that the _style.css file is in the github /docs folder, but get 404 when request for it.
  • Found out that filename starts with underscore is not served by Github Pages.


  • manifest.json
  • offline support
  • dark mode
  • snippet diff+javascript
  • common css chunk
  • google analytics
  • webmentions
  • carbon ads
  • rss support